With Miva Merchant SEO Tune Up

Order the Miva Merchant SEO Tune Up today and you will get a Free SEO AUDIT for any single web page on your website. This is an additional value of $299.


Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Email Marketing

We offer daily & weekly Social Website and Email marketing services. We will update your your social websites and send out your email marketing on a scheduled basis. Call us for more details and pricing.


Ecommerce and Website Audit Repors

Choose up to 10 web pages and 10 keywords for your audit report and we will send you a report comparing your web pages to the top 10 pages in google which will tell you exactly what needs to be done to your web pages to get higher rankings in search engines. This service is $299. Call or email us to get started. Download a sample report here.

Specialized SEO Services for Miva Merchant 9 Ecommerce Stores

*NEW: Miva Merchant 9 SEO Tune Up

ALL Miva Merchant search engine optimization starts with the Classic Merchant SEO Tune Up.

Your store has been updated to the *NEW Miva Merchant 9 but is it fully optimized for search engines?

Now that your store has been updated with all of the latest bells and whistles from Miva Merchant, YOU NEED TO make sure your store is optimized for the major Search Engines like and others.

The *NEW MIVA MERCHANT 9 SEO TUNE UP covers all of the on-page SEO required by the search engines to ensure it is being crawled and indexed correctly in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Find out more about the Miva Merchant SEO Tune Up here.

If you would like to find out if your Miva Merchant Store needs the SEO tune up contact visit or contact us at 781-964-4412 or email and request a FREE SEO inspection of your store and a Free eCommerce Consultation to find out if the Miva Merchant 9 SEO Tune Up is right for your online store.


Daily Search Engine Optimization

Plans Range from 3 – 5 Hours of SEO Per Week

An hour a day will keep your competitors away,  well, maybe not entirely but it will certainly put your products and pages at the top of the search engines such as google, bing and yahoo.

We are offering an amazing daily SEO maintenance program. Our SEO professionals will spend one hour a day working on your store to place your products on the first page of the top search engines.

We will provide you with SEO plan outlines, keyword research, comparison reports, ranking reports, Ecommerce analytical reports, traffic reports and other information and data reporting specific to your store and industry.

You are still the boss! We create an SEO plan based on your criteria. Search Engine algorithms change all the time so there is no magic bullet. As search engines evolve our SEO methods do as well.

For pricing and questions please call our sales team at 781-964-4412 or email us at

We would be happy to discuss a custom SEO plan for your company. Quotes and estimates are free.

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